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Whether you’re looking to launch your first website or upgrade your old one, you want a website that converts visitors into customers. This means meeting customer expectations for your website. To do this, your website needs faster load times1, more customer tailored landing pages2, and a design that looks good on any screen size3. Our websites are hosted on solid state drives, and continually improved for faster load times; our easily customizable theme and custom dashboard make creating new landing pages easy and fast; and our theme is designed to look great on any screen. With our features combined, we provide you with a modern website capable of increasing your website conversions and attracting more customers.

Hosting Features

Serious Speed

Impress visitors with faster load times for your website. We host our websites on only up to date servers featuring all solid-state disk storage and redundant internet connections so your website loads fast, every time.

Create Landing Pages

Give website visitors landing pages that will convert. Easily create landing pages with existing or new content, modifying them to meet the needs your marketing efforts. Add customized contact forms to help collect the right information to get started.

Looks Great on Any Device

More than half of consumers are visiting websites from a smartphone. Our websites are designed to display the best experience for the visitor, no matter what device they are using.

Free SSL

Securing your website with an SSL certificate is important. We offer FREE SSL certificates so your customers know your website is safe.

Fast Turnaround

We know that our customers expect prompt completion of their new website. Our streamlined project planning and management means your website is ready to launch on schedule.

Powerful CMS

Based in WordPress, you’ll find available features like forums, blogs, ecommerce, easily create landing pages, and more, all easily configurable to match your brand, style, and business needs.

Powerful eCommerce

Sell your products, services, downloads and event tickets on your website, customizable to your business and location. Connect nearly any payment network including PayPal, Stripe, FirstData, Square and more!

SEO Friendly

Organically improve your placement on local searches. Our websites are designed so Google and other search engines can easily access and index the content on your website for better placement in search results.

Fully Managed Hosting

Never miss another security patch or plugin update again with our fully managed WordPress website hosting. Our team keeps everything secure and up to date with patches and updates installed automatically.

Who We Are

Ryan and Carly have been working with computers longer than we’ve been in business as Henry Marketing Group. Ryan started out as an accountant, while Carly first started designing websites while volunteering at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in 1995. As a small business owners ourselves, we saw the need for an easy way for small businesses to create a solid website with a minimum budget and began designing this system. We hope to hear from you when you’re ready for your next website.

Schedule a FREE Consultation

If you’re ready to learn more about our website hosting and design, please schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your business and website in order to make the best recommendation for your specific business needs!


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