Who We Are

We are Ryan and Carly Henry, and we’ve been working together for over 5 years. Ryan has been working in IT since 2009, and Carly has been building websites since 1997.

We’re passionate about building and teaching tools people can use to connect with their community and build their business.

Open In Indiana has developed from the need we see in the local business community to share resources, support one another, and promote each other.

Ryan and Carly Henry

What We Do

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Connect People

From website themes focused on connecting your business online, to our growing community of business owners connected with Open In Indiana, we believe that by connecting with your community, you can make a positive impact.

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We offer individual and group training, to help you get the most from the tools you’re already using to connect with clients and attract new ones online.

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Web Design

We build websites that are designed to be a solid base for your online efforts, and make it easy for new customers to connect with you, with clear call-to-actions and click to call functionality.

Who We Can Help

When time is money, and you can’t afford to waste it, you need a website that does some of the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve designed a theme that’ll help share and distribute your content, and with our hosting, all you have to do is create your content*!

*And give it to us so we can post it. It’s easy!

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Solo Entrepreneurs

Using the right tools can help you get more done, and we’ve designed a theme and hosting package to do just that. Don’t worry about updates or hosting! This leaves you free to focus on creating content that supports your business goals.

We also offer individual training and regular classes, to help you learn the tools to make what you do easier and faster.

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Small Companies or Sales Teams

Along with our websites, we offer individual and group training on tools like Microsoft Office, WordPress, MailChimp, Mail Merge, Email Marketing, and more!

Training can be scaled from 1 individual up to your entire team, tailored to meet your needs, and delivered from the comfort of your own conference room.

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Ryan Henry

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Carly Henry

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